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Our strategy

We recalibrated our strategy in 2019. PGGM wants to be a distinctive, reliable and professional asset manager for its clients and help them - now and in the future - to realise their pension ambitions. Our 2023 strategy is aimed at ensuring we become a safe bet in health care and social care. We opt for mass custom work, want to be best in class and are cultivating a closer relationship with the health and social sector.

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Our goals

We want to be a distinctive, reliable and professional asset manager for our clients in the future as well. That is our ambition. We have set ourselves two goals for the next five years in order to attain this ambition:

1. We deliver best-in-class asset management.

It is our ambition to deliver best-in-class asset management. This means that we can count ourselves among the best in the market within the relevant asset classes. With best-in-class asset management, we ensure good, affordable and sustainable pensions for our clients and their participants. We are a leader internationally and are among the biggest investors worldwide in private equity, infrastructure, property, credit risk sharing and insurance-linked investments. Together with our largest client, we also deploy our system knowledge to accelerate the energy transition.

To be able to provide this excellent service to our clients, it is important that we are always learning and that we act on our findings. That is why the various teams are assessed by an external party once every three years to review whether they have best-in-class status.

2. Our business operations are flexible and efficient.

Flexible and efficient business operations are crucial for realising our ambition. We want improved insight into and control of our costs and a recalibration of our business operations in order to flesh out our best in class ambition. We want to be able to anticipate changes in our environment quickly and effectively and that means we must be ready for the future. We research all the possible future scenarios, therefore, and prepare for these. This is one of the reasons we want to optimise the use of our IT systems, which support efficient execution of our services. We are also developing new knowledge and skills in areas such as robotisation and artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to our investments, our business operations are now more flexible and robust.

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